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Integrating civil works, landscape design, architectural intervention, wayfinding signage and lighting, the entrance project aims to orchestrate a memorable experience of arrival at the mill, introducing visitors to the regenerating post-industrial site and framing a series of immersive encounters with the landscape and former mill infrastructure between the new event spaces. In the process of implementing the project, over 300 cubic meters of tarmac was removed, making way for thousands of endemic and native plants, featuring rare and threatened species.

The Weighbridge was a place where weights of countless old growth forest logs delivered to the mill were recorded. This imposing structure originally surrounded by a barbed wire fence and a sea of tarmac was stripped down to become a garden folly - an armature for a native vine to grow over. A new mirrored ceiling was added to amplify the greenery and create a moment of surprise and intrigue at the threshold to the regenerating site.

Visitors are invited to drive over the Weighbridge and continue along a new road that connects the Nursery, event parking on the former hardstand, and around to the front of the Banksia Room - the formal reception of the mill. The U Turn intentionally marks the radical change in use of the site.

Builder_ Dillon Builders

Landscape Design_ Marcus Ragus

Wayfinding Signage_ Futago

Photographs_ Richard Jupe and Gilby + Brewin

2013.10 Weighbridge2.jpg
2013.10 IMG_4754.jpg
Weighbridge-7069_ sml.jpg
12-Weighbridge isometric - with notes.JPG
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