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A two storey extension to an inner city victorian terrace on a spatially constrained site with poor orientation. The extension incorporates European standard passive-house principles and technologies including air tightness, thermally broken timber double glazed windows, high levels of insulation, minimal thermal bridging and heat recovery ventilation. 


Remaining of the old part of the terrace house are two bedrooms and a hallway at the end of which is a new tight sealed 'middle door' that opens into the hermetically sealed new addition.


Downstairs is a new bathroom and open plan kitchen, dining, living that opens onto a rear courtyard.  


The stair between levels is comprised of three parts - a section of folded steel dangling above the edge of the kitchen benchtop, abutted by a movable stepped storage unit on wheels.


The upstairs is the private domain of the owner - bedroom, ensuite, and a glazed wintergarden positioned between the old and new parts of the house to catch north sun for growing plants and vegetables - and washing and drying clothes.

Landscape design by James Dawson Design

Photographs by Graeme Boyle

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