The Tin Shed is a 230-seat performance space set within the former bark-stripping shed adjacent to the old log deck and control tower. To frame the unique experience of attending a performance in an abandoned industrial facility, the approach was to simply clean up and add the minimum needed to provide safe access, basic amenity and flexible functionality.


A new conveyor belt-like entry bridge brings punters in on a diagonal ramble through an existing hole in the cladding, under huge pieces of machinery, and into a covered outdoor space between the old infrastructure and a new fibreglass clad plugging the end of the performance space from wind, rain and possums. The new wall has two large vertical bifold doors that can be raised when the weather allows and open onto a new covered deck area that provides space for audiences to mingle.


Inside, a new timber floor provides an insulated surface for audiences feet, the old metal cladding forms a shimmering silver backdrop for performances and the old beams provide support for new lighting rigs.  A new toilet pod is grafted onto the side of the shed, the interiors of which playfully reference the black conveyor belts that once transported wood chips across the site. From the outside, the new additions borrow the language of the surrounding buildings, reading as if they might have always been there. The material and formal simplicity allowing the industrial qualities of the venue and the expression of the performance to be the primary foci.

Builder_ Dillon Builders

Landscaping_ Marcus Ragus

Wayfinding Signage_ Futago

Photographs Richard Jupe (Except 2, 9 and 15)

Tin Shed_ Original.jpg