The Amphitheatre is located on a large exposed hill where for decades a crane slewed back and forth spewing out woodchips into a huge pile, feeding a series of conveyor belts that took the chips down to the wharf to be loaded onto giant boats destined for Japan.


The amphitheatre is set inside the now removed crane's semi-circular concrete footing which provides an effective wind break from the strong nor-wester. Outside the space. a large mound has been created, providing a sloped lawn for large audiences to gather. Upon approach, the mulched mound (to be planted with endemic grasses) subverts the image of the giant pile of wood chips that was once there.

Inside, new bent timber bleachers have been added, lining the old footing to create seating for up to 200 audience members. At the centre of the space, a giant sundial gnomon is grafted onto the old pivot column, slowly marking the earth's orbit around the sun (weather permitting). Half-hour sundial markers are set into a new circular concrete slab, the mix for which includes a high percentage of recycled glass bottles, fly ash, and other industrial by product aggregates.


The circular geometry of the space creates an outdoor room, the sky becoming the ceiling. At night, the space becomes a wonderful star gazing observatory.

Builder_ Dillon Builders

Wayfinding Signage_ Futago

Photographs 1, 2, 5, 6, 8_ Richard Jupe

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