The Glamping Field amenities include an outdoor kitchen + gathering space, an enclosed shower + toilet block, and a series of outdoor showers.

In contrast to the post-industrial site on which it is located, the Glamping Field feels more connected with the rolling hills of the surrounding rural landscape. Prompted by this adjacency, the new structures combine the predominant architectural language of the post-industrial site (skillion roofs, green corrugated metal, fibreglass, matter of fact detailing), with the humble vernacular of rural farm sheds.

The outdoor kitchen + gathering space is framed by a simple structure enclosed on threes sides that uses a series of trusses upcycled from a demolished building on site. Collected under the shed roof is a series of interlocked 'objects': a circular timber deck with built in seat and table, a stainless steel kitchen unit, a sandstone paved fire-pit circle and a large chunk of sandstone uncovered during construction.

The shower + toilet block is a simple outhouse-like building that provides a comfortable and functional place for bathing - full of natural light and air. The outdoor showers (resembling a row of water tanks) challenge glampers to nude-up in front of the sheep on the neighbouring farm!

Photographs 10,11,12_ Richard Jupe

Others_ Ross Brewin