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Lyons with NMBW Architecture Studio, Studiobird, Glas Urban, Gilby + Brewin Architecture

The Monash College project is an adaptive reuse of a former bank office in Melbourne's Docklands – transforming and repurposing a huge corporate building into a new education campus. The project involves over 40,000m2 of refurbished space to accommodate a complex educational brief as a ‘vertical village’ – including 180 teaching and learning spaces, a range of specialist learning areas, informal student spaces, and accommodation for 700 teaching staff. Monash College is a so-called ‘pathway program’ for international and local students to develop their skills for future enrollment within Monash University higher degree courses.

Gilby + Brewin worked on levels 5 through to 10, specifically the unique figure 8 circulation path that laps around the two central service cores of the building to form a ‘campus loop’, a new general access stair that links these upper levels of the building, and a number of ‘breakout’ spaces across each of the 5 levels. These new spaces include a series of 1, 2 and 4 person booths that line the ‘loop’, providing a mix of spaces for study, socialising and meeting, helping to activate the centre of the deep floorplate. As part of the 'wayfinding' strategy, the design of each level of booths is based on a particular building from the four Monash campuses where students will eventually study at once they leave the college.

Photographs by Dianna Snape

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Building F.JPG
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