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A simple renovation of a 65m2 two bedroom apartment originally built in the late 60's that carefully adds new to the old.

Carpet was pulled up in the living areas and the underlying concrete floor polished and sealed, new flat white paint was applied over the original semi-gloss beige paint, leaving a series of unpainted circles of the original colour, and a number of new cabinets on wheels were made out of different types of plywoods,

Half of the kitchen was replaced to upgrade the hot water cylinder and rangehood and add a dishwasher drawer. Built out of stainless steel and mirror laminate the new parts reflect and blend in with the remaining original built-in cabinets.

A nook for a washing machine and drying area was squeezed in next to the bathroom where the tiles were pulled up and replaced with a continuous surface of black rubber and cork. And the original toilet and sink just had to go!

Photographs by Anna Gilby + Ross Brewin

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